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Potty For Mum

15 Feb 2023

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Finding the right Mothers’ Day gift can be a nightmare and with it fast approaching on 19th March this year, don’t leave it too late to decide what to do. You know Mum deserves better!

If you’re looking for a lovely gift that you can make yourself. Why not have a go at decorating a custom plant pot for your Mum, you can make it as classy or whimsical as you like to fit with their personal style. For extra brownie points, why not pick up a plant to go in it too?

Decorated Plant Pots

You will need:
• acrylic paints or paint pens such as ‘Posca’ pens
• brushes
• a pencil
• spray varnish (matt, silk or
gloss depending on the
finish you want)
• a terracotta pot (or other
matt finish plant pot that
isn’t glossy otherwise the
paint wil slide around)

That hardest part is probably the design that you will paint on the pot. Have a play on a pice of card or paper first and experiment with the paints and your design.

Choose your base colour and paint the pot or leave natural if you’d prefer.

You could use stamps made from sponge, or professional ones from a craft shop to print designs onto the surface.

Try geometric shapes like dots, or stripes or zig zags. You could even try more organic shapes like leaf shapes (trace around some) or wavy lines and blob shapes. The options are endless.

If you are working with multiple colours, let each colour dry before you paint next to it if you want clean lines between colours. Wet paint next to or on top of other wet paint will give a softer look.

When completely dry, spray with the varnish following the instructions on the can.

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