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Red Nose Day!

09 Feb 2022

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Friday 18th March marks the annual return of, Comic Relief Red Nose Day, which is probably the UK’s highest profile TV fund-raising event. Unbelievably, this year will be the 34th year of the event (though there isn’t one every year).

The very first Red Nose Day was launched in 1988 by comedian Lenny Henry and comedy writer Richard Curtis in order to raise money for the famine in Ethiopia. Since then it has gone on to raise a staggering £1.1 billion for charities. The highest amount ever raised by the event in one year was £108 million in 2011.

The event has also been the catalyst of over 25 charity pop records featuring the likes of Cliff Richard, Right Said Fred, Spice Girls, Boyzone, Westlife, Sugababes, The Proclaimers, Peter Kay and Sam Smith.

This year is the second year that the ever-popular Red Noses will be 100% plastic free - a great development as we all try to do our bit to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment and wildlife.

In 2022 the charity has restated it’s ethos in light of the wide-ranging effects of the COVID pandemic, increasing conflict and poverty in developing countries, child poverty, homelessness and personal agency:

Improving Mental Health
Every year, 450 million people worldwide experience mental health problems.

A Safe Place For Everyone
Having a safe place to call home is a fundamental right but a shocking 1 in 5 people don't have the shelter they need.

A World Where Children Can Thrive And Survive
Every year millions of children still die before their 5th birthday, or grow up in poverty and neglect.

Gender Justice
Comic Relief works with organisations to help people speak out and seek help so they can escape fear, violence and discrimination.

Events will be broadcast throughout the day with the main evening show broadcast live on BBC One as usual. This year the TV event is hosted by Davina McCall, Paddy McGuinness, Alesha Dixon, David Tennant and the co-founder of Comic Relief, comedian Lenny Henry. With lots of one-off comedy specials 2022 Red Nose Days promises to be as entertaining and as important to good causes as ever!

But it’s not just about the TV show and pledging donations; get involved yourself! Every year there are millions of people who organise fund-raising events all around the world.

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