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Remember Me Thursday

16 Sep 2020

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It seems that every day of the year has its own significance nowadays, but there’s a really special event on the 24th September called ‘Remember Me Thursday.’

On this day, people all over the world raise awareness of animals who are living in shelters. This includes all of the animals still waiting to be adopted, as well as those who will live in the shelter for the rest of their lives due to health or behavioural complications. It is a day where we celebrate all of the volunteers and shelter workers who do everything they can to give animals a chance at a better life, and help them get the word out about all of the furry friends still waiting for their forever homes.
It all started in 2012, when the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego created their campaign to join together the voices of animal rescue organisations and people who had already adopted animals. The plan was that they could use social media to spread the word together of the joys of adopting pets, and show the amazing work that rescue centres do. Eight years on, the movement has spread across the world - 190 countries now take part!
Joining in can be as simple as sharing a post with the hashtag #RememberMeThursday, and there are lots of creative ideas for the kinds of things you can share. If you are already the proud parent of an adopted animal, lots of people take this opportunity to share the ups and downs of their relationship with their pet. If you’re someone who shares lots of pictures of your pets, people may not realise that they’re adopted; so it’s a great chance to tell their story. Some people also take a moment to light a candle to remember those animals who unfortunately never found homes outside of the shelter, reminding us that there are still so many waiting to find their new families. You can also check in with your local rescue organisation to see if they have their own candlelight vigil or something else planned, and help them get the word out.
Of course the best part about Remember Me Thursday is that it helps more animals get to their future families. If you’ve been considering bringing a pet into your home, this is a great time to learn more about the joys of adopting from a shelter. If that’s not you, then perhaps you know somebody else who may need a gentle nudge to get in touch with a rescue organisation before going straight to a breeder. Either way, the 24th is the day to share stories and information and see some adorable animal pictures!

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