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Revolutionising Lawn Care


09 Mar 2022

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Since taking over GreenThumb Stafford in 2018 and more recently GreenThumb Ashbourne, husband and wife team Daryl & Julie Harvey continue to share their passion and expertise in Lawn Care with their local community. With an experienced team of professionally qualified Lawn Operatives and office support staff, they look after over 4,000 happy customers in their area.

Now is an exciting time for GreenThumb customers, as we recently revolutionised our Lawn Treatment Programmes to include five Core Treatments as a minimum, one of which is our fantastic Oasis Water Conserver. For more than 35 years, we have been analysing the best treatments and fertilisers for your lawn with our dedicated team of developers and plant food nutritionists. Our treatments will ensure that your lawn is lush green, weed free and
well loved.

Our Basic Programme includes five Core Treatments from January to December, ensuring your lawn is cared for all year round. You can choose to upgrade to our Standard Programme which includes our five Core Treatments plus annual Aeration & Scarification – an essential requirement of excellent Lawn Care. If you truly want to give your lawn the best opportunity to shine as the centrepiece of your garden, then you can take advantage of our Ultimate Programme. This includes everything within our other programmes in addition to seven other Additional Treatments such as StressBeater, Top Dressing & Overseeding, Pest Management, Lawn Disease Management, and more!

In addition to our fantastic Lawn Treatments, it’s also very important that you know how to take care of your lawn so that it can reach its full potential.

Get to know, how to mow!

- When expecting dry weather, increase the height of your cut from 25mm (1 inch) to 50mm (2 inches). This helps to keep the grass cool and stops it from drying out too quickly.

- The more often you mow your lawn, the better it will look. Weekly cuts during summer would be a good general rule.
- Do not let your lawn grow too long before mowing it, and never scalp it!

- Check your mowers blade is sharp and remove any debris.
How to water during dry weather

- Watering in the evening is best for your lawn.
- Water for only 20 minutes at a time to avoid ‘pooling’ on your lawn.

- For more efficient watering, use a sprinkler and a timer.

- Watering costs far less than reseeding or replacing a lawn which has died of thirst. Our Oasis Water Conserver can also help to reduce the need to water by up to 80%!

We are passionate about lawns and are proud to offer a simple solution to Lawn Care, working together in partnership to create a long lasting, beautiful lawn.

Contact us today at or call: 01785 225039 to start your journey to a beautiful lawn.

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