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Save Don't Spend

10 Feb 2021

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The best things in life are free, so they say, but we’re charged for so much! This month we have ten top tips for keeping your money where it belongs, in your hands!

1. Cash machines 
Some charge from £1.50 to withdraw cash with a debit card (often in local shops as a ‘convenience’). Most bank-controlled ATMs won’t charge you a penny.

2. ID fraud insurance 
This is a total waste, as under the Consumer Credit Act and Banking Code you can claim back money from your bank or credit card if you’re a fraud victim, without paying a penny.

3. Water in restaurants
Anywhere selling alcohol is legally obliged to offer tap water for free.

4. Calls abroad 
Spending a fortune on phonecalls abroad? Download apps like Skype, Zoom or Signal for free international calls when you’re on a WiFi network.

5. Debt Advice
If you’re not sure who to turn to, ignore the services advertised on TV, National Debt Line offer the service free. 

6. Tupperware
If your favourite takeaway arrives in handy plastic containers with lids, keep them. Use them to store food or for taking sandwiches or pasta to work. 

7. Books & Internet
Your local library may offer free internet, CDs and DVDs. Your taxes pay for the library, so get your money’s worth! 

8. Dental hygiene
Your NHS dental check-up should only cost £23.80, including a scale and polish, so why pay for a separate hygienist session? Check first with your dentist.

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