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Shelf Shenanigans

14 Nov 2018

We’ve reached the time of year when Santa sometimes sends his elves to visit houses. Sometimes you’ll be lucky and the elf goes about his business unseen, but sometimes, just sometimes a naughty little elf will stay until Christmas wreaking havoc around your home. There are tales of these cheeky elves around the world so we thought we’d share some reports of what elves might get up to, so keep your eyes peeled! 1. Elf sticks googly eyes on fruit! 2. They write rude words on the fridge with magnetic letters! 3. They get trapped in jars. 4. They go ballooning in your underpants. 5. Sometimes elves put sticky tape across doors to trap you! 6. Elves sometimes wrap the family toilet like a present! 7. Elves often make ‘snow angels’ in sugar or sprinkles! 8. Sometimes they ‘pea’ themselves! 9. Elves often throw toilet paper around the house! 10. Elf sometimes eats all the chocolate spread! 11. These cheeky helpers sometimes hide in the cereal! 12. Cheeky elves draw on family pictures with dry-wipe markers! 13. Some wipe their bottoms on your toothbrush. 14. Some bring lovely gifts of gingerbread house kits. 15. Good elves carry cards with kind jobs for you to do that day. 16. Elf might use your knickers to decorate the tree! 17. Sometimes elf will stick paper santa hats on all your family photos! 18. Elves will fill your shower to the top with balloons! 19. Some elves have been known to draw on sleeping family members with lipstick! 20. Some elves go fishing in your loo! 21. They have wild parties with your toys! 22. They throw sweets around the house! 23. They take silly elfy selfies for you to find! 24. They stick funny stickers on your parents!

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