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Springtime Family Time

15 May 2018

May! The month of bank holidays! You’ve already enjoyed one, but how do you spend your second treat of that extra long weekend? If the weather’s fine, why not head outdoors with the family and pack these activities into your day? You’ll all learn something and be totally tuckered out by the fresh air!

1. Walking Get outdoors and you don’t have to go too far. Adventure around your neighbourhood and see what signs of natural wildlife you can spot. Bring a notebook and write down all the things you see, hear and smell, get the whole family shouting things out to add to the list. You’ll have fun finding things you never noticed before.

2. Competitive Fun See who can run the fastest, who can take the most steps to a tree, or how many hops on the spot in a minute you can do. Or what about the old favourite of pooh-sticks? Stand on a bridge and drop a stick in, seeing who’s stick makes it to the other side of the bridge first. If you don’t have a bridge, try stone skimming and see who can do the most leaps!

3. Club house Set up your pic-nic near to trees or shrubs and have a go at making a den! Use branches and blankets to get really creative. This is great to stay out of the midday-sun and a cosy place to snooze and read a book as the day lazily rolls on. You might love it so much you won’t want to go home!

4. Make a Collection Choose a natural object and see how many varieties you can collect. Flowers, leaves, rocks, grasses, feathers you’ll be surprised how may different types and colours you’ll discover.

5. Eat Outdoors As the days warm up it’s a great opportunity to try eating outdoors! Pack a pic-nic with new things to try. Kids might be more adventurous in what they’ll eat if they’ve been running around outdoors and away from the dinnertable.

6. Green Fingers Enjoy getting dirty in the garden and covered in mud. Growing things is a great way to learn about caring and nurturing, whether it’s flowers or veggies, there’s always something at the end! Waiting for flowers or food also teaches patience to little ones!

7. Bug Fest Our gardens are home to some fascinating wildlife, so why not try lifting a stone or looking under a log to see which minibeasts you can find. Use a magnifying glass and ask your little one questions about the creatures they can see – can they see it’s eyes? How many legs does it have? Write the details down or try drawing the creepy crawlies you find!

Best of all, getting outdoors is great for your health! Being outside leads to improved mental health, wellbeing and self-confidence. It also helps physical development, battling obesity and will help everyone get an improved night’s sleep!

Roll on the weekend!

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