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St Andrew's Day

10 Nov 2021

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Saint Andrew has been the patron saint of Scotland for centuries, thousands of years in fact and he was made patron saint in 1320. This was when Scotland declared independence.

The day of the 30th November to commemorate St Andrew was actually started by a group of expats from the USA. These expats wanted a day to connect with their roots in Scotland and also remember St Andrew and celebrate all that he stood for and his contribution to Scottish society.

St Andrew has been celebrated for over a thousand years in Scotland, with celebratory banquets being held in his honour since the time of 1000 A.D. In 1320, St Andrew became the official patron of Scotland after the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath. St Andrew is a respected patron of Scotland, so much so that the Scottish flag carries his cross as a reminder of him.

One of the reasons St. Andrew became such a Scottish icon is that he epitomises the true Scottish spirit humility, generosity and strength. The amazing thing is that this special day isn’t only celebrated in Scotland but in other parts of the world too such as Barbados and Poland.

Did you know that St. Andrew is also the patron saint of Russia? Being one of Jesus’ twelve apostles, Andrew travelled quite a bit spreading the word of Christ. During his lifetime he travelled to Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Cyprus, Malta and Spain as well as Scotland.

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