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Streamlined School Mornings

14 Aug 2018

Are you tired of waking up to chaotic, busy and frazzled mornings, feeling like you’re surrounded by mayhem? With the kids going back to school in a few short weeks the dread will soon be setting in! Here are a few ways to turn your mornings of chaos into an oasis of calm. 1 Prepare breakfasts the night before. Cut up fruit, cook a batch of hot cereal or measure out all your food before going to sleep at night. Having food ready to go is a big morning time-saver. 2 Lay out the next day’s clothes in advance. Everyone will be able to simply get dressed without having to worry about what to wear. The same goes for PE kits and any after-school activity clothes. 3 Turn up the music. Not only can music wake you up and put you in a good mood, it can also be used as a time-keeping device. If you have a favourite short album or homemade playlist, you can crank up the tunes and use it as a guide, as in “We have to be dressed by the time the fourth song plays,” and so on. Be creative and turn up the tunes! 4 Set up a bathroom schedule. If you live in a busy household, you certainly know what it’s like to share a bathroom in the morning. Keep things simple by letting people know who’s first, second and so forth according to when people have to be at work and school. Even if you don’t strictly keep to your schedule, people will be reminded they don’t have the luxury of spending long hours in the bath. 5 Wait until you’ve bathed, dressed and groomed before turning on phones. This is a top tip especially if you have teenagers in the house. Everyone will be ready for the day instead of sitting around in pajamas and bathrobes playing with phones. 6 Have a distraction-free breakfast. Declare distraction-free time as you eat. Refrain from checking your phone, listening to the TV, radio or reading the newspaper and simply enjoy your breakfast. 7 Pack all the lunches at dinnertime. Dinner leftovers make great, easy, no-fuss lunches. Pack up lunches as you’re cleaning up dinner the night before and you won’t have to think twice about what to have for lunches the next morning. 8 Bring your hallway up to season. Struggling with lots of off-season shoes and coats as you try to leave your house? Clear out, wash and store off-season apparel so only what’s being worn is to hand. 9 Store bags, keys and purses in the same location. Make a pick-up and drop-off point for everyone’s bags. This could be a hook in your hallway or a basket in the kitchen. Everything will be contained and you’ll know exactly where to find belongings each and every time. 10 Make a checklist of must-have items. Stop running around trying to remember what items are needed each and every day before leaving home. Create a must-have checklist (such as keys, phone, wallet, medication) and store the list on your smartphone, or write it down and tape it to the back of your front door as a handy reference. Keeping mornings simple and routine will certainly start your day with less stress!

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