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Sweet Sugar Eggs

10 Apr 2019

As Easter fast approaches, we thought it would be fun to make something sweet and pretty to eat on Easter Sunday. These sugar eggs are super easy and you can have so much fun with the flavours, colours and decorations you choose!

Sugar Eggs

You will need: 

White fondant icing 

Food colourings 

Candy flavourings (e.g. peppermint, cherry, lemon etc.) 

Decorations (e.g. sprinkles, sugar flowers, edible gold for cake decorating. 

catering or other protective gloves


Put on your protective gloves and divide the fondant icing into portions. 

Add a few drops of food colouring to each piece of icing and massage into the fondant. You can either mix it in thoroughly or choose to leave the colouring with a marbled effect. Be sure to wash and dry your gloves between colours to keep them bright! 

Take pieces of the coloured fondant depending on the size of the egg you wish to make and roll in your hand to form an egg shape, round with one slightly tapered end. 

If you wish to decorate with sprinkles roll your egg shapes in the sprinkles or press them into the surface, rolling your egg in your hand to secure the sprinkles into place. 

Set your undecorated or sprinkled eggs aside for several days to harden up. 

Once hardened, you can decorate with edible gold or mix some fondant with a little water and food colouring to make a paste to paint your eggs with a paint bush. 

You may need to paint one side and allow to dry before decorating the other side. 

Once your eggs are fully dry you can place in a pretty bowl as a sweet treat or give to friends as gifts!

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