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Team Spirit

12 Feb 2020

Dig out those trainers and pick up a sponsorship pack because Sport Relief is on the horizon, returning on Friday 13th March!

Sport Relief exists to create a just world free from poverty.The money you raise each Sport Relief is used to tackle major issues across the world including homelessness, domestic abuse, child poverty, mental health and more.

When you donate online or raise money for Sport Relief, you’ll be helping to transform lives both in the UK and internationally.

Sport Relief brings the nation together to raise money through the power of sport. With your help, Sport Relief fights inequality wherever it is found to create a better, fairer world – free from poverty.

Since 2018, the British public have helped to support an incredible 13m people across the UK and around the world.

When you donate to Sport Relief you’re supporting people living incredibly tough lives, in the UK and around the world.

The charity works with local organisations who’ve proven that their approach to solving peoples’ problems work - and they invest in them as they grow, to:

IMPROVE MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT... Every year, 450 million people worldwide experience mental health problems, and the discrimination that comes with them. The charity helps to make sure they get the support and empathy they need.

ENSURE PEOPLE HAVE A SAFE PLACE TO BE... 1 in 5 people around the world don’t have adequate shelter. Day by day, person by person Sport Relief is working to ensure people have a safe place to call home.

HELP CHILDREN TO SURVIVE AND THRIVE... Every year, millions of children

die before their fifth birthday, or grow up in poverty and neglect. So Sport Relief helps child after child survive and grow.

REDUCE FEAR, VIOLENCE AND DISCRIMINATION... The idea that some of us are worth less because of our gender leads to real violence, abuse and discrimination. The charity works for a world with less judgement and fear where people can take control of their lives.

There are lots of ideas for you to get fund raising, whether it’s by undertaking a sporting event and getting sponsored by friends or colleages, or by organising a workplace themed day. There are lots of ideas for you to choose from on the Sport Relief website:

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