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The Green Fairy

13 Feb 2019

Celebrated by artists and aristocrats alike for centuries, absinthe has long been the drink of choice for the creative type; also known as The Green Goddess, The Green Lady or The Green Fairy (possible inspiration for Tinkerbell?), the drink used to be a favourite among artists and writers due to it supposedly helping their creative flow.

Orignally formulated with wormwood, a substance that is highly poisonous, the small amount in absinthe is what gave the drink its hallucenogenic properties. Rightly so, wormwood is banned in modern incarnations of this taboo drink.

So to celebrate this exotic drink on Absinthe Day, the 5th March, here’s a more gentle cocktail you might like to try!

The Green Beast 

30 ml Absinthe 

30 ml Fresh lime juice 

30 ml Simple syrup 

120 ml Water 

Cucumber slices to garnish 

Mix and serve!

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