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Top Tips for Your Cat's Diet

Derby Cats Protection

12 Apr 2023

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The most important things to remember when feeding your cat are:

1.Cats are ‘obligate carnivores’ and need to eat meat, so they cannot be fed a vegetarian or vegan diet.

2.Different aged cats will need different food, so always make sure their food is age-appropriate.

3.Some cats may have medical needs that require specialist food. Your vet will be able to advise you on what is best.

4.How much to feed your cat will completely depend on their situation, whether they are over or underweight, their age, their health status, and which brand you are feeding.

5.There will be a guide on the packaging so use the recommendation for your cat’s age and weight as a starting point.

6.Monitor your cat’s condition and behaviour, in case they need more or fewer calories each day.

7.Some cats prefer dry food, others wet.

8.No matter which you feed your cat make sure it is a ‘complete’ food as this means they will be getting all the nutrients they need from it.

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