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True Love Tips

11 Jan 2023

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Valentines Day is one day of the year when you can really show the way you feel about that special someone in your life. Unfortunately, there are so many pitfalls that it’s easy to fall into one and you or your partner can end up feeling awkward or disappointed. With this in mind, we’ve got all the Dos and Don’ts for Valentines Day to help make your 2023 an extra special one. Pay attention!


  • Remember romance: Take the time to do those little extras that will really be appreciated. Try picturing yourself as your partner sees you, then exceed that expectation with your words and actions.
  • Gifts: consider spreading small gifts through the day rather than just one big expensive one. Something at breakfast, then something before they go to work, then something when they return.
  • Write a love letter: Not a text, or an e-mail, but an actual hand-written letter; it will be treasured.
  • Consider cooking: A lovely restaurant is never a bad idea, but neither is letting them put their feet up while you do all the work for a change.


  • Be lazy: Don’t wait until the day before. February 13th at 11pm is not the time to plan the amazing Valentine’s Day that dreams are made of!
  • Be thoughtless: Don’t just buy the first card that you pick up. Take the time to find one unique and special that says just how you feel. If it doesn’t, then put it into your own words.
  • Doom-scroll: Turn off the electronics. Leave Facebook and texting alone to spend time with your partner because today is about them, not your friends or videos of cats.
  • Be practical: An ironing board, blender, toolbox or printer may be useful, but they’re not - repeat, not - romantic, nor amusingly ironic, either.
  • Be repetetive: Even if it worked well, your partner will appreciate something new and different with the extra thought you’ll put into it.
  • Break the bank: Particularly if you share a bank account!
  • Give up: If you’re own your own this Valentines Day get out there and mingle with the other singles, because love
  • is in the air! Don’t forget your friends and family love you too, so be sure to be with someone you love!

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