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Unlucky For Some

17 Oct 2018

October is Black Cat Awareness month. Some people are still superstitious about these poor little kitties!

Throughout the year, it’s typically more difficult to get black cats adopted, but how much more difficult? Black cats are adopted at a rate 50% lower than any other colour of cat, which we can’t understand at all.

There is a lot of myth and superstition surrounding black and black-and-white cats and they simply lose out to the brighter-coloured tabbies, torties and gingers who are much more likely to catch the eye. Help by doing your part in dispelling the myths surrounding black cats and their supposed luck-altering abilities. If you’re going to a shelter to adopt a kitten, consider adopting a black kitten to ensure they find their way into a good home, and if it’s a black kitten with special needs so much the better! (Special needs cats get adopted at rates below that of even healthy black kittens, so special needs black kittens are especially in need of love!). Bringing the love of a new black furbaby in to your life, or helping another one get adopted, is the best celebration they could hope for.

The Cats Protection charity is looking after hundreds of black or black-and-white cats that potentially face months to find a home, which the charity thinks may be due to a subconscious colour preference on the part of potential adopters looking for brighter-coloured cats.


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