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Water Water Everywhere

16 Oct 2019

You might think that in rainy old blighty we’ve got plenty of water sloshing about, and most of the time we do! But, have you ever considered how much energy and resources is used to make the lovely clean water that comes out of your tap? This wasted water treatment costs us and the environment everytime we waste our water. Try to conserve and reduce your water usage by doing some of the following:

1. Turning the water off when brushing your teeth or washing your hair can save a lot of water. In fact, as much as 70 cups of tea!

2. Stop using extra water by avoiding using the toilet as a bin. Avoid throwing cotton wool, make-up remover pads and tissue when you blow your nose in there, you’ll automatically flush it. Every time you flush your toilet, you use up to 9-12 litres of water.

3. When washing clothes, make sure that you are washing full loads of laundry only. You are wasting a lot of water washing only half of a load. Same rule applies when using the dishwasher – keep it full.

4. Take shorter showers. You would be surprised at that just a few minutes off your shower time could reduce the amount of water you are using greatly.

5. When washing your dishes (without the dishwasher) do not leave the water running to rinse.

6. Keep water in a jug in the fridge instead of running the tap when you want water to drink.

7. Rainwater harvesting for your garden is a good idea. The water is untreated so is better for your plants too! Consider it!

8. Use a layer of mulch around your plants and they will retain moisture for a longer time period.

9. Do you know how to shut off your water system in the event of an emergency? If not it is time to learn how to do this.

10. Teach your kids how to conserve water and help them do it. Rewards are a great incentive!

11. Use only one drinking glass for your water for the day. You’ll save on the amount of washing up!

12. Using the right size pans when cooking is yet another surprising way that you can save on your water consumption and only use enough water to just cover your veg. Same goes for in the bath!

13. Check your hoses and pipes for leaks, cracks, and other damage. You might be losing lots of water this way.

14. Don’t run the water while you are waiting for the water temperature to adjust without the plug in the bath as you are unneccessarily running the water away.

15. Do not brush teeth in the shower. You end up wasting gallons of water as you stand in the shower for several minutes brushing your teeth. Instead, use a small cup for brushing teeth.

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