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We Are Family!

14 Mar 2018

We always remember Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but do you ever give your brother or sister a second thought? Siblings Day (sometimes called National Siblings Day) is a holiday recognised annually in some parts of the United States on the 10th April.

We were thinking that it should be something we think of more over here! It honours the relationships of siblings. After all, who on this earth has probably got you in to the most trouble in your life? Who knows your most embarrassing and closely guarded secrets? Who knows what it was like to grow up with your crazy parents? Right! Your siblings!

There’s probably no one you’ve hated more in your life at one point. No one you’ve fought more with (often involving bruises and missing clumps of hair). No one you’ve told more lies for so that they wouldn’t get into trouble. No one who’s stuff you’ve coveted more (damn you Ballroom Barbie with your peach chiffon gown!) or laughed so much your sides hurt. Siblings are simultaneously a complete joy and the worst. That’s why we love them!

Use the 10th of April this year to do something to make them laugh and let them know how much they drive you nuts. Rekindle that inner childhood! You could... 


Buy them a vintage toy from eBay that they had or wanted when you were both little. Afterall, what’s the point of being a boring grown up with money and not remembering all the things you promised yourself as a kid? Make those dreams real for your sibling.


Take the day off work and take your sibling to Alton Towers. Yes, scare yourselves silly on rides you couldn’t go on when you were little. Eat far too many hotdogs and all those nasty ‘E’number laden sweets until you get hyper and then feel a bit sick.


Take a trip together to where you grew up or used to go for family holidays. Bring your bikes or rollerskates and just play out again.


Either join together and create some playful joke to play on your parents or try and catch each other out. It’ll be hilarious. Payback from childhood can be the most funny when served cold and in your 40s.

So this Siblings Day, give your sister or brother a call and let them know how much you love them despite their continual nonsense.

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