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Wellbeing & You: Ideas for Self-love

Yvonne Builth

17 Jun 2020

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Life seems to move on so fast these days, leaving little time to devote to ourselves. We ask 'where does the time go?' Perhaps there is a need to address this issue and find ways stop and listen to our body because it tells us many things in many ways.

From the moment we rise in the morning we are programmed to 'get things done' and we berate ourselves if things are not completed on time. Then there is the overwhelming fatigue that quite often disables us. Are we tired or just not listening to the signs that our body is showing us? We find ourselves making endless excuses for not taking regular breaks or having that early night and then we don’t sleep well when we do retire to bed.
It is important that we look at our evening routines. If your sleep is often interrupted by the need to go to the toilet, then try to make sure that your last fluid intake is no later than 6.30pm. The exception to this is a warm milky drink at bedtime which can aid restful sleep. Reading can also help us prepare for sleep. However, reading on the computer is not a good idea as the blue light it emits can detrimentally affect our sleep. Meditation can help although not all of us can achieve a good meditative state. Investing in an eye mask to promote a more relaxing sleep can be beneficial.
This is a great relaxation technique. Sit or lie somewhere comfortable, preferably in a dimly-lit room with some relaxing music playing. Close your eyes and bring to mind a relaxing image or scene. Maybe you are sitting on the beach under an umbrella with an iced drink. Immerse yourself in the moment, and drift as you hear the waves lapping onto the shore - you have nothing to do but relax. Feel the warmth on your body as your bones absorb some essential vitamin D.
Being sedate is one way of relaxing but exercise is another. Go for a walk - alone, with a friend or even the dog.
Remember that you are very important, valued and special. Try jotting down words or phrases - positive affirmations on coloured post-it notes. Now place them on surfaces around the room, on the fridge, anywhere where they can be regularly seen and read by you and others. This way there is a constant reminder that you are worthy.
These are just a few small ways to promote your wellbeing and help others to do the same. You are so valuable - remember this, and enjoy your life with peace in your heart.

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