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Welly Wonders

17 Apr 2018

With the cold weather behind us and the rainy April days ahead of us, this is the time when most of us find out we have a hole in our wellington boot! The one soggy foot walk home after a day out is not the most pleasant experience and can leave you hating that traitorous boot!

Well, rather than throwing the traitor out, why not repurpose them into a useful garden object?

Playful Garden Planter 

You’ll Need: 






What You Do: 

Puncture or cut some small holes around the base of the boot to allow some drainage. That darn boot was good at letting water in but it might not drain away quickly so just add to the hole problem!

Fill the bottom of the boot with about 3” deep of pebbles, this will help drainage.

Scrunch up some sheets of newspaper and pad out the bottom of the boot on top of the gravel leaving about 6” of space at the top. If you’ve got short ankle boots you may not need this step. Fill the rest of the boot with compost to the top. Plant your flowers or grasses in the top of the wellington boot according to the plant instructions and water in well.

Create several colourful planted wellies and line them up near your door or attach them to a fence for height!

Booty Bird House 

You’ll Need: 

Off-cuts of wood 



What You Do: 

Cut a 1” hole in the front of each boot that you are using.

Screw each boot from the inside to a plank of wood and attach this shelf to a fence or tree high up where the birds will feel safe from predators.

Attach two sections of wood big enough to shelter the top open part of the boot (approximately 6” x 4”) together at right angles. Cut a piece of wood angled at each end to fit in the larger right angled pieces. Attach to the larger roof part (these pieces will help to keep out wind and rain and help the roof hold on to the top of the boot).

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