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Winter Wishes

11 Dec 2019

Mulled wine, warm and spicy fruity. We keep ours in the slow cooker on low so that it’s always ready to dip into and fills the house with a deliciously Christmassy smell. Teamed with a mince pie - heaven! 

Everyone getting together. It’s lovely to sit around the table with your nearest and dearest, but what’s also great is seeing friends and family you might not have visited in a while. If you’ve got an elderly neighbour, check in with them to make sure they’re ok. 

Red, this colour is everywhere at this time of year! From the velvet of Santa Claus’ arctic suit, ribbon on presents, lights on trees to reindeer’s noses. It certainly is the Christmas colour! The colour that fills us with the spirit of community and giving over receiving! 

Reindeer, who do the most difficult job flying all night to make sure all the presents reach all the good little boys and girls. Don’t forget to leave Rudolph a carrot! 

Yuletide carols, we all have a favourite one, that really makes us feel the spirit of the season right into our bones. Have a look in our What’s On pages for a carol service near you! Or if you prefer, listen to something more secular and rock around the tree!

Charity, many people say that this begins at home, but if you and your family are lucky enough to live comfortably, we spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves. Many people in society struggle to get by all year ‘round. 

Home & hearth, nothing sets the scene more snuggly than a fire in the grate. Even if you don’t have a fire, being able to come home to a warm home with twinkling lights is a joy! 

Revelry and games, be they card games, board games, charades.. at Christmas a playful spirit takes over and we can all enjoy a good dose of laughter and cheer! Or not if someone is far too competitive! 

Icicles, snow, frost, as much as we love our snuggly homes, we do wish for it to be crisp and cold and bright outside. We need to justify the daft elf jumpers after all! 

Santa Claus, our favourite saint doing his busy job of visiting children around the world and leaving them presents or a lump of coal depending on their track record over the previous year. It’s not too late kids, get those good deeds in fast! 

Tree decorations, you may have a highly stylish tree adorned with decorations in this year’s on-trend colour, or a hotchpotch of paper and crayon decorations, 80’s foil cone baubles with threadbare sentimental tinsel. Your tree is always perfect for you! 

Mistletoe, a decoration not easy to come by, but if you manage to find some, it is the prettiest plant to adorn your home. Who doesn’t like any excuse to give your loved ones a kiss? Don’t go jumping on strangers though, that would be a very bad idea! 

All is calm, well, eventually! The build up can get hectic, but there’s always a moment when you’ve done everything and anything you haven’t isn’t important. Just sit down and watch the snowman or listen to Bing! 

Starry nights, our dark, dark crisp cold evenings can give us the most beautiful view of the visible universe. Take a moment to appreciate how truly small we all are and what an amazing planet we all share together!

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